By: Prince Mayowa Adeoye (ORIADE 1)

This is to bring to the notice of everyone including the LGA Chairman, Bariga LCDA, State Chairman and the National leader of our great party, APC that Bariga APC is not ready to give room for development, peace and unity. The same issues we have been faced with since the creation of Bariga that has brought us to where we are is the same thing happening.

I call on all the leaders of Bariga to come together now and call the caucus operating as though they can do it alone to order.

The meeting that was held on Friday July 7th called by the LGA chairman was inconclusive because Aspirants were not allowed to speak their minds which is another game plan of the same caucus that has pocketed the Local Government, what the LGA Chairman communicated was that he wanted to reconcile, there was no reliable and trustworthy leader on ground except our dear Sole Administrator, Mr. Osisanya Osijo. The LGA Chairman said he wanted to settle disputes without allowing us to voice out our minds but he was able to speak for about 30 minutes, Chairman Sir, you ignited this issue and you want to be the judge in your own case, this is impossible anywhere in the world and not acceptable by all.

I, Prince Adeoye Mayowa (Oriade 1) on behalf my Co- Aspirants hereby call on the APC Chairman in Bariga, Alh. Dengel to do the right thing by uniting all leaders and invite all Chairmanship aspirants if truly they are ready for reconciliation. This is not a case of me nor my co- Aspirants but the future of our party and the well being of all residents in Bariga LCDA.

We are people’s representatives for God sake, whatever we do as the ruling party has direct effect on the lives and future of every Bariga resident. The mistakes we have made in the past that have earned us 0% development and transformation is what we are about to ignite now. How can we be doing things the same way over and over again and be expecting different result. Bariga belongs to all of us and not one person or a caucus.

We challenge the LGA Chairman to do his assignment well by bringing together all Apex leaders in Bariga LCDA including Senator Adefuye, Alhaji Banire, Hon. Wole Diya, Hon. Rotimi Abiru, Hon. Mogaji, Hon. Sesan Olanrewaju, Chief Oriade, Pa. Osinuga etc. and invite all Aspirants to device the way forward for our LG, we can’t afford to compromise the future of our LG for anything this time because success and development cannot be achieved where there is lack of Unity.

Speaking for the youths that are about 65% of our population in Bariga, the time to plan ahead is now, our Primary  and Secondary Schools are no go area, no digital awareness and improvement in our local government, all our roads are in a very terrible state, no street lights and we want to continue doing the same thing the same way and expecting different result, this is extremely impossible.

It is also good to state here that we are ready to give full supports to any Progressive candidate the party eventually communicates to us as the flag bearer, we are one and we are not leaving our party for whatever reasons. We shall remain in our party APC and work for the success of it at all times.

Finally, right thing has no other name, let’s do the right thing for the future of our Local Government, we can’t afford to be backward again.

– Party should communicate the Progressive Chairmanship flag bearer to us in good time since there was no Primary election and also no successful Shadow election in Bariga LCDA.

 Call for a strategic meeting of all Apex leaders in Bariga LCDA and invite all Chairmanship Aspirants to chart way forward that will foster unity in our Local Government because Bariga is in the pockets of few which will be very disastrous to the future of our LG. We will not at this time allow our resources to be used in developing other communities in and outside Lagos State and our Local Government will remain backward.

Thank you.

For: Bariga LCDA Chairmanship Aspirants, 2017

*Prince Mayowa Oriade A. (ORIADE 1)* Chairmanship Aspirant

Cc: APC Lagos State Chairman, Chief  Henry Ajomale

Cc: The National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Cc: Members & Leaders of our party in and outside Bariga LCDA


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