Acting without considering the Due Process…

Written By: Bolaji Eko-Odeyale

The so called Bariga leaders have betrayed their followers without considering what the aftermath effect will be. Electorates in Bariga complained more of the inability of the politicians to transform the community and render qualitative service to the masses for dividends of democracy.

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Democratically, they scored low marks for the fact that they always impose a non performing candidate with followers who have no intellectual acumen  to govern departments in the local council.
Educationally, they have turned the youth into hooligans and touts all because of their selfishness. The social welfare package in the local council is rated below one percent. If our children do not have quality education coupled with adequate social welfare for all, we tend to drive ourselves towards insecurity of lives and properties in the community.
We believe they should chew on this cud!
We believe that coercion cum forcing aspirants to accept a particular candidate in Bariga. This is off due process and it is very Absurd.

On Thursday 6th of July, 2017,the so called selected few leaders invited some aspirants to the office of the sole administrator of Bariga L.C.D.A, Prince Oshijo who hosted the so called impromptu meeting with the ‘stakeholders’ led by Alhaji Denge Anifowose, who pulled Hon. Oluwatoyin Dahunsi to embrace Hon. Alabi Kolade without prior knowledge of such. The LGA Chairman organized this as a make believe, that this is an acceptance gesture from all other aspirants.

Hon.Oluwatoyin Dahunsi
, also said in an interview with the media that he had no prior knowledge of the meeting agenda when called by the LGA chairman, Alhaji Denge Anifowose, but found out that this was a set up. ”As for me, we are one APC, one Bariga and one People”; that is why I attended the meeting; so says Hon. Dahunsi. This I believe is undemocratic and making a mockery of the masses.
‘All aspirants are my people and I like everyone of them  in person without prejudice, however , if an aspirant or a candidate is running foul of due process, then, am out of that’, said Hon. Dahunsi.

We believe that a candidate would be elected by the leadership of APC and the electorates, but not by unstructured selective machinery. We therefore implore APC Bariga LCDA to adhere to the rules and regulations of the party, especially, the constitution, and Article 20(i), (ii), (iii) and (iv) of the APC constitution.
I love APC
I love Lagos state
I love Nigeria
I love the masses


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