It is highly shameful and disgraceful that since Bariga LCDA in Lagos State was carved out of Somolu Local Government, it is yet to witness a tip of growth and development. Very surprising also that Bariga LCDA that produced the former and immediate past Chairman of the conference 57 Executive Chairmen in Lagos, the LG that produced the chairman of conference 57 Executive Secretaries (ES) in Lagos, the Local Government that produced the current Chairman of conference 57 APC LGA Chairmen in person of Alh Dengel Anifowose and the current Chairman of the 57 Sole Administrators in Lagos State in person of Hon. Osisanya Osijo; it is with great regret and disappointment to hear the Executive Governor of Lagos State rate Bariga LCDA the 57th developed Local government in Lagos State.

Governor Akinwunmi Ambode

In spite of the dilapidated state of Bariga LCDA and the 0% rate of development which could be traced to series of mismanagement of the Local Government funds by the past administrations; the immediate past Executive Chairman in person of Hon. Oriyomi Sulaimon popularly known as Oris who successfully spent more than a year as the LG’s Executive Secretary and 9 good years as Executive Chairman of Bariga LCDA vowed to present and install the next Executive Chairman of the LG as against the wish of the people of Bariga LCDA and members of APC.

Seriously, even primary school pupils in Bariga are clamouring for real change and not the perceived disastrous continuity.

Hon. Oris was said to have been parading his former Vice Hon. Kolade Alabi who was also the immediate past Executive Secretary of Bariga, during his tenure as ES, he contributed 0% to the growth and development of the LG, the more reason all Barigans are saying they need total change in the LG administration.

Surprisingly, the present Sole Administrator in person of Hon. Osisanya Osijo who has not spent a year in office has performed extraordinarily well, he started and completed some projects others could not or failed to execute while in office.

Hon. Prince ‘Sanya Osijo (Bariga LCDA Sole Administrator)

In a nut shell, because of the pace of development in the LG, 16 Aspirants applied for the chairmanship position of Bariga with about 90% of them clamouring for REAL CHANGE.

When the former Chairman and his team of continuity realised they were not making any headway regarding the Local Government election, they decided to organise a private and illegal shadow election. Unfortunately for them, they did not invite any of the Chairmanship Aspirants except the former ES who was seen at the venue of the said election, more so, they did not invite Hon. Wole Diya who is the current member of House of Representative representing Bariga/Somolu, the Chief Whip of Lagos Assembly in person of Hon. Rotimi Abiru who is the member representing Somolu II (Bariga) at the Lagos Assembly was not invited, Senator Anthony Adefuye (A GAC member) in Bariga was not invited, Alh. Banire, Chief Oriade, Hon. Mogaji (top leaders in Bariga) were also not invited. That was the election that purportedly produced the former ES and Vice of Hon. Oris, Hon. Kolade Alabi as the candidate.

There is absolute quietness in Bariga because the result is not acceptable, it is not the true voice of party members, everyone is earnestly awaiting the final publication of the favoured candidate as they are not ready to accept Hon. Kolade Alabi as their Chairmanship candidate. There was no consensus candidate amongst the aspirants and the Primary election was inconclusive. As deduced from some of the members, everyone would have preferred any other candidate amongst the other aspirant to allow real change take its place in Bariga.

“Bariga is seriously backward, Governor is right with his rating, continuity will be very disastrous to the future of Bariga, WE NEED REAL CHANGE in the administration.


“I hope APC Bariga will not fall cheap for this unhealthy imposition within the LGA, we don’t want any candidate from the former chairman because he has no good record, he believes he could bribe his way through everything in life forgetting that God has His own ways of righting people’s wrongs and He also have distinct ways of doing things. Before giving us a Chairman, Asiwaju should come and see what Bariga has turned to, he will understand better what we are saying”

-Mr. Tunde Salau for Progressive Youths (PY)

Finally, we call on the authorities of the great party in Nigeria, APC, to deeply look into the situation of Bariga LCDA, if the LG must grow and develop; the APC leaders must opt for true change and inject fresh blood into the administration of the Bariga. With all the great people Bariga has produced, one would assume she should be one of the top developed and transformed Local Governments in Nigeria but reverse is the case. Bariga LCDA deserves the best.

APC leaders, most especially the National Leader, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu should listen to the cry and yearnings of the residents of Bariga LCDA and give them a new and ready to serve candidate who will take the Local Government to the desired promised land.


CONCERNED LAGOSIANS——– Viral on facebook—-copied


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